“Learn to give back just like a tree” is a phrase connected to me, they said that a tree gives everything and expects nothing in return because rain and sun does the work fully, humans are just an added perk.

So all the hands in TROIKA give back to the society. I believe I inculcated this habit into them but not taking any credits. There has been commendable help in the fields of cleanliness drives, tree plantations and animal welfare.

Let me tell you all that I know till date and then I will pass on the pen. In 2020, Troika collaborated with Adar Poonawalla Foundation, teaming up to clean a two-kilometer long stretch along the Mula river and no kidding 2 kilometers is a long distance when you are bending on each plastic wrapper and as we all know plastic wrappers are like air particles, present everywhere.

In 2021, Troika collaborated with Pashu Papa, which is an Animal Protection Association, and conducted a Stray Feeding Drive, and as we know feeding charming pups and good cause are synonyms.

And as for this year, passing the pen to an organizer because they did something called as “plogging” and the closest meaning of that, which i could guess was clogging, because i thought they meant the same.

Hi again, let me share the technicalities of the event because the mother tree is a little new on that part.

So we collaborated with Pune Ploggers, they are a group of helpers who pick up the plastic and reusable garbage and recycle it. We collectively conducted a cleanliness drive under the SM Joshi Bridge on a humid Saturday morning.

Troika organizers and the volunteers from Pune Ploggers came together and then we had some warm up exercises, because yes it is needed even if we are picking up garbage and no our backs aren't that strong to do “almost” sit ups that often.

Then they explained Plogging, which means Jogging and picking up litter together (this one’s for the mother tree) and how it was to be done.

We got ourselves into random teams and started collecting plastic and glass bottles. Each individual was given a pair of hand gloves and each team had been given garbage bags to collect plastic and glass separately. Caps and ORS filled water bottles were ready to tackle the march heat. There was a wager that whichever teams got the most number of garbage bags filled would get a surprise! The prize is still unknown but will keep you updated.

Each team significantly cleaned the given areas to their team. Everyone tried their best to collect maximum plastic garbage and fill as many bags as they could, of course while enjoying slight sun and jokes about why someone would throw an umbrella, scissors, comb etc.

At the end of the drive, every team carried their garbage bags and handed it over to the garbage collectors and successfully made a good impact on the society. They also told us about these eco bricks which are made of plastic bottles, which was fascinating. The whole experience was enlightening and very inspirational. The objective of cleaning became not just to clean the bank of the river or pick up trash, but to feel happiness living within the clean environment that surrounded us. That's all from my side, back to you, Mother tree.

So now that they have seen the dirt, I think they will finally understand what dirt must be surrounding me. Afterall as you all say, “Learn to give back just like a tree”.

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