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“Learn to give back just like a tree” is a phrase connected to me, they said that a tree gives everything and expects nothing in return because rain and sun does the work fully, humans are just an added perk.

So all the hands in TROIKA give back to the society. I believe I inculcated this habit into them but not taking any credits. There has been commendable help in the fields of cleanliness drives, tree plantations and animal welfare.

Let me tell you all that I know till date and then I will pass on the pen. In 2020, Troika collaborated with Adar Poonawalla Foundation, teaming up to clean a two-kilometer long stretch along the Mula river and no kidding 2 kilometers is a long distance when you are bending on each plastic wrapper and as we all know plastic wrappers are like air particles, present everywhere.

In 2021, Troika collaborated with Pashu Papa, which is an Animal Protection Association, and conducted a Stray Feeding Drive, and as we know feeding charming pups and good cause are synonyms.

And as for this year, passing the pen to an organizer because they did something called as “plogging” and the closest meaning of that, which i could guess was clogging, because i thought they meant the same.