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It has been a long time since I talked about Troika. It does seem yesterday when Troika commenced its 13th edition and was keenly enthusiastic about all the preparation and excitement which comes along the way.

The last few weeks were so quiet on the campus with the holidays and everyone reuniting with their families way back home, celebrating festivities and it was so fun to be reliving all that as I could see everyone sharing their memories with the Troika family. With all that amazement, there was a sudden rush of nervousness and tension between the students as they were held up by their examination.

You know the best of all this was the efforts troika family puts in the midst of all this, which was seen through all the post and updated stories to keep its viewers intact. I can finally sense that vibe of them getting back on track and evolving as a pact. All the enthusiasm and efforts of volunteers and members in making their events. This sprinting back on track is something which keeps me mesmerized as to how much they put in, in order to outshine their event.

They surely did work in astounding ways to present you all t