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Would that be a goal?

And that was a goal!

When everybody was forced to sit at home, the playground near me got empty. There were no more kids on the ground and making me miss seeing the moments of excitement, genuine joy and them getting dirtier as the game continued.

But in 2022, as the alien intruder fades away, they are back into the playing fields. This year I am again seeing Troikans work harder than ever to get Troika back on the playing grounds with 3 games, basketball, football and Box Cricket, each with a significance of its own.

The teachings realized from basketball are all regarding the significance of sustaining a constant bodily exercise. Telling a narrative relating to your expertise toward a sport that might encourage your hearts whereas watching the contributors win over in opposition to the opposite workforce.

Football, a dynamic sport which demands peak physical performance and exceptional mental acuity by its players. It is a game simple in essence but complex in application providing a combination of strategic and tactical dimensions.

Box Cricket has its boundaries, but the ability to level up your game does not. It’s the game of converting the singles into doubles and fighting till the last wicket falls. It’s strategizing with every ball thrown and hit.

Above all, sports has continued to inculcate a sense of discipline, team spirit among Troikans and its participants, letting them discover their true potential. An opportunity to exhibit peak physical performance, exceptional mental acuity, accepting challenges and displaying a combination of strategic and tactical dimensions.

More than the amusement of watching whoever toils the hardest to win the trophies or the medals, I am excited for the laughs and the cries of “Khelega kudega banega nawab!”

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