The last thing I sensed was the air filled with tension and unrest, along with students scanning their hefty books at the last moment. After that adrenaline rush of the examination, I was feeling relaxed, but this calmness and peace soon turned into sheer silence, and it was going to be this way for a long time!

Overlooking the FC road, for the first time, I saw it vacant. I discovered later that there was an alien intruder that forced people to sit at their homes, familiar faces but helpless eyes staring at each other and no work but chaos within. During the series of uncertainties, the silence was so loud that it echoed throughout the streets.

Amidst these uncertain times, Troika once again provided a platform for the youngsters to reflect, reconnect, and redefine. Adjusting to the ‘new normal’, the 11th edition of Troika rerouted and went online.

Passing on the pen to a Troikan because I am not handy with technology. I am an oldie, remember?

Hello! A former Troikan here. Soooo Troika 2021, lemme think…

It was late April; we were finally settling into our routines of waking up - online classes - sleeping again, also class and sleep could be happening simultaneously.

Soon after the mundane routine came in, the wonderful news of the first-ever general meeting of Troika 2021 and the first-ever online troika was officially put into motion. With team meetings and awkward laughs, numerous questions about how to do everything online, to just being happy to be just there amongst everyone who had a pure dedication to Troika!

Over the course of the next 3 months and numerous meets (which weren’t awkward at all) each team together with their dedication built up seventeen events under the categories of performing and fine arts, literature, business, and entertainment from scratch again, and this time, online. We saw the result of our hard work when over 1200 people from different countries took part in the fest and attended the various webinars and workshops that were conducted related to art, education, health, hygiene, and many more.

Although being an online event and everybody was confined to their homes, we as Troikans held on to our values to give back to society every year by collaborating with Pashu Papa, an animal protection association and which if I may add was THE highlight of our fest because there were dogs and some more cute dogs and this is how with many positive initiations Troika 2021 was an immense success.

Passing on the pen to its original owner!!

So now that you have heard all the 2021 deets from a Troikan whom I missed a lot, I hope to get back that crowd all clustered around me because shhh, surprise ahead!

After a long struggle of being inside our homes, the very need to bring back the old ways and memories was felt, and considering the improving situations, they also improvised and went hybrid! So this year, bringing back the thrill and excitement of an offline event and innovation and accessibility of an online event together, they present to you hybrid Troika 2022.

Keep peeking to know what Troika 2022 has in store for you!

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