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Often regarded as one of the most efficiently managed events in the city. Troika, is BMCC’s annual inter-college fest. It is one of the largest fests of its kind around the Pune region with 20+ events which is going to have it's 12th Edition in April 2022.

TROIKA attracts students from all over Pune every year and had a total footfall of around 4000  students during the three event days of TROIKA with around 2500 participants in 2020. and 1250 in 2021, in spite of being online during the pandemic. The events are fun, thrilling, and very well managed.

Troika believes in giving back. For this purpose, all organizers of Troika indulge in various social activities like cleanliness drives, animal welfare and supporting underprivileged students.


The Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC) is a pioneering, premier degree commerce autonomous college in India, situated in the city of Pune, Maharashtra. The College was established in 1943 by the Deccan Education Society with a view to provide enlightening leadership and trained manpower in the field of commerce and business. 

The college provides various courses ranging from business administration in international business to masters in commerce.  The college is affiliated with SPPU, and achieved autonomy in 2017. BMCC has produced many notable leaders, business personnel and industrialists over all these years.

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Literature Event Background


Troika opens the door to your literature extravaganza. It's the game of words, spoken out in public or ink spilled on pages. Be critical or creative, hone your skills and flaunt your knowledge through a variety of events.

Entertainment Event Background


Entertainment is a semblance of activity that arrests the attention of the audience, gives contentment and ecstasy. It's a confluence of cheerful mind and exuberance, making the world an exciting place to live in. Here is a way to bolt for freedom from your monotonous routine into a zone filled with entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment.

Business Event Background


Profits or losses, jingles or pamphlets, execution of strategies either becomes a boon or a blunder. All it takes is proper planning armed with accurate research, theoretical and practical knowledge before execution. Solve case studies, master the marketing mix, or invest in stocks. Be the bear or the bull, it's your game. Do you have what it takes to be in business?

Sports Event Background


Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships

Sports inculcate a sense of discipline, team spirit and lets an individual discover its true potential. Troika brings you the opportunity to join the cry, 'khelega kudega banega nawab' and serves you an arena to exhibit your game.

Fine Art Event Background


Fine arts are considered to have been primarily created for its aesthetic and intellectual purpose and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness. It conveys the purity of discipline and the artist's concept is given primacy regardless of how one expresses it. Here, we give you the chance to visualize the artistic expression and display your eloquent imagination.

Performing Arts Event Background


Improvisation and spontaneity run the show. An ephemeral event, vocal or instrumental, theater to pantomime, sung verse and beyond that. Expressions, emotions, and feelings that challenge the extent of the human mind. The stage is set, are you ready to be the Prima Donna of the show?





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